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Lesson 70 Red for danger

与 for, with, of, to, at, from, in, on和 about连用的形容词

在第22课与第46课的语法中,我们学习了与of, from, in, on, to, at, for和with连用的动词,知道许多动词都有固定搭配的方式(如believe in, borrow from, occur to, account for 等)。另外,许多动词可以与不同的介词搭配(如 dream of/about, look at/for/after等)。与动词的情况相似,形容词大部分也有与自己固定搭配的介词,并且有些形容词也可以与不同的介词搭配。

1. Eager for 渴望的
I’m eager for success. 我渴望成功。
2.Enough for 足够
There aren’t enough chairs for everyone. 没有足够的椅子给每个人。
3.Famous for 以…而闻名
France is famous for its wine. 法国以酒而闻名。
4.Fit for 适合
The coat is fit for me. 这件衣服合我的身。
I don’t think Carol is the fittest person for the job. 我认为Carol不是这个工作的最佳人选。
5. grateful for(or to) 因…而感激
I’m so grateful for your help. 十分感激你的帮助。
He was extremely grateful to Gladstone for his support. 他对于Gladstone对他的支持感激不尽。
6.Qualified for(or in) 能胜任
He is qualified for the job. 他能够胜任这份工作。
7.Ready for(or to) 准备好
I’m ready for the exam. 我准备好考试了。
8. responsible for 对…负责
You should be responsible for what you said. 你要对你所说的话负责。
9.Sorry for 对…感到遗憾
Are you sorry for what you’ve done?
10.Sufficient for 充足的
There is sufficient food for everyone. 有充足的食物给每个人。
Is $150 sufficient for the expense of your journey? 150美元够你的旅费了吗?
11.Thankful for(or to) 感谢
Be thankful for what you have, and pleased for what others have. 对你所拥有的应该满怀感激,为别人所拥有的而感到高兴。
12.Valid for 有效期为
The passport is valid for three months. 这个护照的有效期为3个月。

1. angry(with someone; at something) 对…感到生气、愤怒
Don’t be so angry with him, he’s only a child. 别对他那么生气,他只是一个孩子。
I get angry at things that never used to get me angry. 一向不会让我生气的事, 现在竟让我生气.
2.Busy with (or at) 忙于
The bull was busy with the matador at the time. 当时那公牛正忙于对付斗牛士。
We are all busy with work.我们都忙于工作。
3.Consistent with 与…一致
This evidence is not consistent with what you said earlier. 这个证据和你先前所说的不一致。
4. Content with 对…满足
I’m very content with my life at present. 我对现在的生活很满足。
5. Familiar with (or to) 与…熟悉
Are you familiar with the plays of Shakespeare? 你熟悉莎士比亚的戏剧吗?
The house is familiar to me. 那房子我熟悉。
6.Patient with 有耐心
You have to be patient with the boy.对这男孩你得耐心。
7.Popular with 为…所喜爱
Books of this sort are very popular with readers. 这类书籍很受读者的欢迎。

1. afraid of 害怕
I used to be afraid of ghosts. 我以前很怕鬼。
2.Ahead of 在…前面
By the end of the race, I was ahead of all my friends. 在比赛终点前,我跑在所有我的朋友前面了。
His ideas were well ahead of his time. 他的思想远远超前于他所处的时代。
3.Aware of 知道
No one was aware of the danger. 没有人意识到危险。
4.Capable of 能够
He is capable of leading the company. 他有能力领导这个公司。
5.Careful of (or with) 小心
Be careful of the glass. 小心玻璃。
She is careful of her dress. 她注意衣着。
6.Certain of 确信
Are you certain of his coming? 你确信他回来吗?
7.Conscious of 意识到
I’m deeply conscious of my responsibility as a teacher. 我深知自己作为教师的职责。
8.Envious of 妒忌 =jealous of
He’s never envious/jealous of others for their wealth. 他从不羡慕(妒忌)他人的财富。
9.Fond of 爱好
I’m very fond of fishing. 我很喜欢钓鱼。
10.Guilty of 有…罪的
The jury found her guilty of murder. 陪审团裁定她有谋杀罪。
11. Ignorant of 不了解
He was totally ignorant of what was happening in the firm. 他对公司里所发生的一切毫无所知。
12.Independent of 独立于
You should be independent of your parents. 你应该不依赖父母而自立。
13.Jealous of = envious of 妒忌
I’m jealous of nobody. 我不妒忌任何人。
14.Kind of (or to) 对…和蔼
It’ s really kind of you to let us use your car. 让我们用你的车,你真是太好了。
He’s been very kind to me. 他对我一直很和蔼。
15.North/south/east/west 在…的北/南/东/西面
Hebei province is in the north of China. 河北省在中国的北部。
16.Short of 缺乏
I’m short of money these days. 这几天我缺钱用。
17.Shy of 顾虑
He’s shy of giving his opinion. 他不敢轻易发表意见。
18.Sure of 肯定
Are you sure of what you said? 你肯定你所说的吗?
19. worthy of 值得
She’s worthy of the honour given to her. 她对于赋予她的荣誉受之无愧。

1. close to 接近于
Our factory is close to the Airport. 我们工厂靠近机场。
2.Contrary to 与…相反
The result is contrary to expectation. 结果与预料恰好相反。
3.Cruel to 对…残忍
A great many people think zoos should be closed, because it's too cruel to animals. 很多人认为动物园应当关闭,因为这对于动物来说太残忍了。
4.Dear to 对…很重要
Life is very dear to everyone. 生命对每个人来说都很重要。
5.Equal to 与…相等
One li is equal to half a kilometer. 一里等于半公里。
Bill is equal to the job. Bill能够胜任这份工作。
6.Faithful to 忠于…
She’s always faithful to her husband. 她对丈夫始终忠贞不渝。
7.Fatal to 对…是致命的
Eating too much may be fatal to small fishes. 对于小鱼来说,吃的太多可能是致命的。
8. Harmful to 对…有害的
Smoking is harmful to one’s health. 吸烟对身体有害。
9.identical to 与…相同的
This knife is identical to the one with which the murder was committed. 这便是谋杀时凶手所用的那把刀子。
10.Indifferent to 对…不关心
We are too often indifferent to the loss of an hour or of a day, forgetting that our life is the sum total of the days and of the hours we live.
11.Inferior to 劣于
This carpet is inferior to that one. 这张地毯没有那张好。
12.Liable to 易于
She is liable to bad colds. 她动不动就得重感冒。
He is liable to come today. 他今天很可能要来。
注意:liable for是“对…有义务”。比如:
Manufacturers are liable for any defects in the equipment. 制造商要对设备中的缺陷负责。
I am not liable for other people's debts. 我对其他人的债务不负责任。
13. New to 对…没有经验
I’m new to cisco system. 我对于思科系统没有经验。
14.Obedient to 对…服从
John is quite obedient to his parents. John 对父母相当顺从。
15. obvious to 对…清楚的
It is obvious to me that you are lying. 对我来说,这点很清楚:你在说谎。
16.Polite to 对…礼貌
You should be polite to the teachers. 你应当对老师礼貌。
17.Previous to 先于
The most appropriate time for our meeting is previous to this Friday. 我们的会议最合适的时间在这个星期五之前。
18.Rude to 对…粗暴无礼
I’m sorry ,I shouldn’t have been so rude to you. 很抱歉,我不应该那么粗鲁的对您。
19.Sensitive to 对…敏感
I am extremely sensitive to bright light. 我对亮光很敏感。
20.Similar to 与…相似
Tom is similar to his father. Tom很象他父亲。
21.Useful to 对…有用
Computer is useful to your English learning. 电脑对于你的英语学习是有用的。

1.Bad at 不善于 反义:good at 擅长
He is bad/good at maths. 他不擅长/擅长数学。
2.Clever at 擅长
He is clever at languages. 他很擅长学语言。
3.Efficient at 有效率的;能胜任的 名词为:efficiency
She’s very efficient at typing.她打字效率很高。
4.Expert at(or in) 能熟练做
5. good at
6. Indignant at 对…感到愤慨
He’s indignant at the rumors. 他对流言感到愤慨。
7. Quick at 很快;动作快 反义: slow at
He is quick at learning languages.他学语言很快。
8. sad at 因…而悲伤
Jane was sad at her grandmother’s death. Jane因祖母的去世而悲伤。
9.Slow at
10. skillful at (or in) 熟练
Mary is skillful at playing tennis. Mary是网球高手。

1. Away from 距…远的; 不在…地方
She was away from school yesterday afternoon. 昨天下午她不在学校。
2. Different from 与…不同的
My jacket is different from yours. 我的茄克衫和你的不同。
3. Far from 远离
His work is far from satisfactory. 他的工作一点都不令人满意。
We sit too far (away) from the stage to be able to see very much. 我们做的离舞台太远了,看不到什么东西。
4. Safe from 无危险的。
Is your email safe from prying eyes? 你的电邮没有“受窥视”的危险吗?
Keep your PC safe from Y2K. 保持你的个人计算机没有千年虫危险。

1.Deficient in 缺少
Your diet is deficient in calcium. 你的饮食缺钙。
2.Fortunate in 在…很幸运
I was fortunate in the exam. 我考试中很幸运。
3.Honest in 对…很诚实
He is honest in his words. 他说的是实话。
4.Weak in 在…薄弱的
I am weak in grammar. 在语法上我很薄弱。

1. Dependent on 依赖于
She is dependent on her husband. 她依赖于她的丈夫。
2. Intent on 专心于;意图做某事(造成破坏的事情)
Pete is intent on stirring up trouble. Pete意图挑起争端(制造麻烦)。
He is intent on passing the exam. 他一心要通过考试。
3.Keen on 热心于
He is keen on mountain climbing. 他热心于登山运动。

1. Curious about: 对…好奇的
I’m curious about the book she’s supposed to be writing. 我对她准备要写的那本书感到好奇。
2. Doubtful about (or of) 对…有疑问
At first we were doubtful about employing Charlie. 一开始我们对是否录用Charlie心存疑虑。
3. Enthusiastic about 对…热心
I’m enthusiastic about the new English learning methods. 我对新的英语学习方法很热心。
4.Reluctant about (or to) 勉强
He was reluctant about accepting the invitation.
Or: He was reluctant to accept the invitation. 他很勉强的接受了邀请。
5. Right about (or in) 在…是正确的
You are right about what you did. 你做的是对的。
6. Uneasy about 对…感到不安
I feel uneasy about your health. 我对你的健康情况感到不安。

1. George is jealous of his younger sister. 乔治很妒忌他的妹妹。

2. She is well-qualified in languages and very efficient at her work. 她精通语言并且工作很有效率。

3. We are fortunate in having sufficient supplies of fuel for the winter. 我们有幸拥有过冬的燃料供应。

4. Contrary to my expectations ,there was no need to be uneasy about the results of the match. 和我的预想相反,没有必要对比赛的结果感到不安。

5.I am not familiar with his novels and not very keen on reading them. 我不熟悉他的小说,也不热心于读这些小说。

6. I know he is slow at understanding, but you have to be patient with him.我知道他理解起来很慢,但是你必须对他耐心。

7. It is obvious to everyone that he is not responsible for this mistake. 他不对这个错误负责任,这点每个人都是清楚的。

8. I think he's quite honest in his intentions. 我认为他在意图上是诚实的。(实话实说)

9. He is not only indifferent to other people; he is often extremely rude to them as well. 他不仅对其他人漠不关心,而且经常十分粗暴。

10. I'm not very fond of dancing. 我不太喜欢跳舞。

11. Children remain dependent on their parents for a long time. 小孩要依靠父母很长时间。

12. I should be grateful for any advice you can give.我十分感谢你给的任何建议。

13. He is not different from anyone else.他和其他人没什么不同。

14. He may be quick at understanding, but he's not capable of remembering anything. 他可能理解很快,但他不能够记住。

15. He is intent on passing the examination, but I'm doubtful about his chances. 他一心要通过考试,但我怀疑他成功的机会。

16. He says he's sorry for what he did, so don't get angry with him. 他说:他为所做的而抱歉,所以别生他的气了。

17. I've never been good at arithmetic. 我对算术一向不擅长。

18. That boy is far ahead of everyone else in the class.那个男孩远远超出班级里的其他人。

19. Even though he was often cruel to his dog, it remained faithful to him. 尽管他经常对他的狗很残忍,但狗还是对他很忠心。

20. Your conclusions are not consistent with the facts.你的结论和事实不符。

21. This diary will prove useful to you.这个日记会对你有用的。

22. I'm not sure of the exact date, but I think he arrived here in 1993. 我不确定准确的日期了,但我想他是1993年到这儿的。

23. He was found guilty of a great many crimes.他被发现有多重罪行。

24. You should not be so sensitive to criticism.你不应当对批评那么敏感。

25. This passport is valid for all countries. 这个护照所有国家都有效的。


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